Andrey & Izik

Founded with the simple idea of making genuine connections easy and light-hearted, Dr. Bird's Cards merges the whimsy of bird illustrations with profound prompts. It's not just a card deck, it's an invitation to bond, laugh, and discover.

Created by friends Andrey and Izik, Dr. Bird's Cards is a wholesome and simple way to help people connect and communicate.  It all started with the spirit of friendship and the desire to build a brand rooted in our shared values of wholesomeness, authenticity, gratitude, depth, and joy.

Trust Dr. Bird to help you deepen your relationships.  Our card decks are based on scientific research into communication dynamics and presented in a heart-centered format intended to facilitate personal connections in an increasingly digital world. Our vision is of a world where conversations go beyond the surface, and bonds are built on genuine understanding.

Like our illustrations?  Our artwork is all original, hand painted in watercolor by Izik.  Follow us on Instagram to see more of the process.  We're a small and close team, crafting a dream, and sharing it with you.  

Amy, Andrey, Izik, John, Minhaj